Have you ever wondered why some people seem to effortlessly achieve success while others struggle to make ends meet? The answer may lie in the teachings of Neville Goddard, a prominent figure in the New Thought movement of the 20th century. In this article, we’ll explore the principles of Neville Goddard’s success philosophy and how you can apply them to manifest your dreams into reality.

Who is Neville Goddard?

Neville Goddard (1905-1972) was a spiritual teacher and author who taught the principles of New Thought, a philosophy that emphasizes the power of the mind to create reality. Born in Barbados and raised in New York City, Goddard studied metaphysics and the Bible extensively and taught his principles to thousands of people through his lectures and books.

The Core Principles of Neville Goddard’s Success Philosophy

1. Consciousness creates reality

According to Goddard, the world we experience is a reflection of our consciousness. Our thoughts and beliefs shape our reality, and by changing our consciousness, we can change our lives.

2. Imagination is the key to manifestation

Goddard believed that the imagination is the most powerful tool for manifesting our desires. By vividly imagining our desired outcome, we can impress it upon our subconscious mind and bring it into our reality.

3. The present moment is all that exists

Goddard emphasized the importance of living in the present moment and focusing on the feeling of already having what we desire. By feeling the emotions of success and abundance in the present moment, we can attract more of those experiences into our lives.

4. Faith is essential

Goddard taught that faith, or the unwavering belief in the reality of our desires, is essential for manifestation. Doubt and fear can block our ability to manifest our desires, so cultivating faith is crucial.

5. Persistence is key

Goddard believed that persistence in our imaginal acts and beliefs is necessary for manifestation. Even when our desires seem far away or impossible, we must persist in our belief that they are already ours.

How to Apply Neville Goddard’s Success Philosophy

1. Clarify your desires

The first step in manifesting your dreams is to clarify what you truly desire. Take some time to write down your goals and aspirations, and be specific about what you want to create in your life.

2. Use your imagination

Once you’ve clarified your desires, use your imagination to vividly imagine yourself already having what you want. Visualize the details of your desired outcome, and feel the emotions of success and abundance as if they are already yours.

3. Practice faith and persistence

Cultivate unwavering faith in the reality of your desires, and persist in your imaginal acts and beliefs even when obstacles arise. Trust that your desires are already yours, and take inspired action towards their realization.

4. Live in the present moment

Focus on the present moment and feel the emotions of success and abundance in the here and now. By living in the feeling of already having what you desire, you can attract more of those experiences into your life.


Neville Goddard’s success philosophy teaches us that we have the power to create our reality through the power of our thoughts and imagination. By clarifying our desires, using our imagination to visualize them, and cultivating faith and persistence, we can manifest our dreams into reality. So why not start today? Take action towards your desires, and watch as they come to fruition. Remember, the power is within you.